Wedding Photographer in Milan

 A Brazilian wedding photographer in Milan

One is good, two is better, but three? IT IS FANTASTIC!

Well, this love destination engagement shoot, happened at the beginning of this year. I was willing to be a wedding photographer in Milan at the end of the winter time, and I met Evelise and Johnny.  A lovely Brazilian couple who was in town to make his citizenship process (his family is Italian and he needed to be recognised as one, as well). But they where not alone, they were caring a small human being inside her belly <3 I didn’t do a wedding, but a love session of these three!!
Yes! She was 5 months pregnant of Isabella.

I could tell that that would be a storytelling opportunity. To transform their travel into a special “Love destination”! Almost like a second honeymoon, but this time with the little Bella.

She contact me through Facebook (follow me there!) and told me their story (I love to know the love stories before the photoshoot!).
They actually live in the south part of Brazil, together for 4 years but they have known each other for over 13 years already! They were each other’s first kiss (do I hear an “ownnnnn”? yes or yes?). Married for 1 and ½ year , they intend to move to Italy after Isabella is born. (and I hope they will call me again to register the family once more! ). And after Evelise finishes her college degree.

I found, looking at the photos, a really emotional experience,  to see how beautiful Evelise is and to see their little family unit like that is so powerful. Love is always on my way, but a love like this, that goes beyond a couple and materializes into a little human being is something that I don’t usually photograph! What an amazing opportunity! Thank you guys!

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