Hi I’m Carine Bea, nice to meet you

About me, Carine Bea

 Hey there, fellow adventurers! I’m a lively 5ft11 spirit from the samba-loving heart of Brazil who decided to make waves in the UK back in 2016. Picture this: an open heart, an open mind, and a burning desire for a thrilling adventure. London had me hooked since my first visit in 2008, where I fell head over heels for its quirky spots and indie rock scene.

Now, here’s the twist: for nearly a decade, I was deep in the financial world. But guess what? I knew that chapter was ready to close. I craved a fresh start, something that would make me spring out of bed every morning with unbridled excitement and pride.

Photography? Oh, it’s been my ride-or-die forever. I was that friend with the camera, capturing all those wild, candid moments on epic trips or unforgettable get-togethers. Way before social media urged us to pose and pout, I was all about keeping it real. No trends, just my authentic style, freezing moments exactly as they were.

on the road iceland

When I’m not photographing weddings, I love hanging out with my two dogs and traveling the world with my Dutch fiance who happens to be a photographer as well. London is my second favorite place in the world – after my home country of Brazil of course (no one makes a caipirinha as we do!).

So, why weddings, you ask? Well, folks, I’m a sucker for happiness, emotions, and a good party! And let’s not even get started on the divine wedding cake. Yum! I genuinely believe weddings are those magical moments that define our lives, and it’s nothing short of an honor to be part of the action. My mission? To weave your story into an unforgettable tapestry through my documentary-style photography. It’s like bottling up time in a picture frame.

Confession time: I’m not afraid to shed a tear or two at weddings, and yes, I might indulge in a glass of prosecco to toast to the joyous atmosphere. 

I’ve won two amazing awards – This Is Reportage Award for my documentary wedding photography and Masters of Wedding Photography Award. These make me feel fantastic – but it’s seeing my couples’ reactions to their photos that I really do this for.

If you think we’ll get on, and you love my work, get in touch!

Here are some fun facts about me before we dive into a chat:

Home is a delightful balance between London’s hustle and the cozy vibes of Roermond, a charming town in the Netherlands. That means I’m always ready for work anywhere in Europe or London.

When it comes to Caipirinhas, I’m your go-to mixologist. Trust me; they’re legendary.

Oh, and by the way, I’ve got a pretty charming accent.

My fiancé and I embarked on an epic adventure building our very own camper van named Marola, and together, we’ve been cruising through Europe.

Our little family includes one loyal dog and a mischievous cat. Sadly, we bid farewell to our beloved Samie in September 2023.

Multilingual? You bet! I speak Portuguese, English, Italian, and Spanish, and I’ve got Dutch and French on my language-learning radar. Let’s see when I can hold a proper conversation in those, ha-ha! and I love being able to flex my lingual muscles at weddings and chat with grandmas in Italian, or uncles in Spanish.

I’ve had the privilege of exploring 32 countries across the globe and gaining a wealth of experiences along the way.

Exciting news on the horizon – I will be exchanging vows on a picturesque beach in the year 2024. It’s a celebration to look forward to!

With my fiance in the Netherlands, I am actively involved in videography. Feel free to explore our video creations by visiting here. It’s where we bring stories to life through the lens of our cameras

Now that you know a bit about me, let’s chat and make memories!