Questions and Answers

As a wedding photographer, I frequently receive questions from couples who want to ensure that they are getting the best possible service for their special day. I understand that every wedding is unique, and I welcome any and all questions from couples to ensure that I am providing them with the best possible service and that their wedding day is captured in the most beautiful and meaningful way possible. There are several important questions that wedding couples ask me before they book my services. Here are some of the most important ones:

General Questions

Why would we absolutely want Carine Bea to shoot our wedding?

Because every wedding needs a dash of Brazilian flavour! I’m truly passionate about my wedding photography and when a couple books me for their wedding day, my promise to them is that I’ll give my 100% to make it memorable. I love being close to my couples, allowing me to capture them and their spirit in a way that makes them proud. I like to be more than just your wedding photographer. More than just the woman with the cameras. I’m Carine, and it’s my honour to photograph your wedding day.

How long have you been doing wedding photography? Are you a full time photographer?

The first wedding I ever shoot was in 2016. Since then I’m amusing shooting wonderful people. Yes, I’m full-time photographer and part-time traveller

Are you insured?

Yes. Not only my equipment is insured in case of any damage but I do own Public Liability Certificate up to £5M.

Can we find review of your work?

Yes sure you can check them here.

How can we book you for our wedding?

Easy peasy! Contact me to check my availability and schedule a meeting (either in person, by phone or Skype). Feeling the vibe? Fill out a quick booking form, pay a £200,- retainer and you’re all set!

Where can we find more information about your pricing and packages?

I like to be open and honest about my pricing. That’s why I’m not being secretive about putting my pricing on my website. You can find all the info you need on my pricing page. I’m even providing a direct link to that very page for you to click on. That’s the kind of person I am. Ready? Here comes the link

Can we customize a package to fit my needs?

Yes of course, not every wedding are the same, let me know about your plans and I can tailor the best options for your day.

Can you provide a second shooter?

Yes, I can. For most weddings, I shoot by myself but for big weddings with over 150 guests, I can recommend a second shooter. If that’s something you’d like, let me know and I’ll take care of it!

Can you help us provide awesome wedding vendors?

Awesome clients deserve awesome vendors. And together we’re going to make your day as special, unique and unforgettable as you can possibly imagine. When you book me to shoot your wedding, I’ll provide you with a guide to my favourite wedding vendors.

We’d love to get to know you a bit more! How can we schedule an in-person consult?

Yay! I already like that sound of that. Say hello by filling up the contact page below. I’ll be in touch with you as soon as possible.

What happens if you get ill and you can’t shoot our wedding?

Let me first knock on wood for good luck. Also, let me comfort you by saying that this has never happened to me before. But in case I get ill, break a leg on the dancefloor of a previous wedding, or if for some other reason I am not capable of shooting your wedding, I will find a suitable replacement to rock your wedding day. I am a member of several online wedding photographer communities which makes finding a replacement photographer a piece of (wedding) cake. 

Well if I die, my trustful and lovely widow partner will take care of all the paperwork and a replacement will be chosen by him who is also a wedding photographer.

Photography Style

What is your shooting style?

Picture the Wild, Wild West. A rogue cowboy with two Colt pistols on his belt, one on each hip. That’s me. Except for the guns, it’s cameras and except for the Wild West, it’s mostly London. Also, I tend to be a lot quieter and unobtrusive than your average cowboy, moving around quietly and capturing your guests and unforgettable moments as they happen. So basically this comparison doesn’t make much sense. I guess I just liked the thought of being a cowboy.

Jokes apart, I deliver a collection of your day with natural and fun pictures.

I like to build a connection with my clients to create a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that allows you to be yourself, even if it means that you will have photos of yourselves dancing on the table or eating a pizza on the floor!

I believe the best images come from the most unpredictable moments, they are often a natural part of life and can make for some of the most memorable and enjoyable shoots.

What is your photo editing style?

My goal here is to deliver a set of edited photos with natural and vibrant looking. I edit each photo to make they make the photo look as lifelike and visually appealing as possible, while still retaining a sense of authenticity and realism. So yeah, no weird trending filters that will take the timeless of your memories.

Who are your favourite photographers?

I love photographers that have an eye for the extraordinary. Photographers that have a style I can recognise from miles away, mostly documentary photographers that capture what they see in sometimes brutally honest but amazing ways.

Some of my favorite photographers are David Bailey’s with his rebellious and romantic style his photographs have a candid and spontaneous feel to them as if they were captured in the midst of a moment rather than carefully staged or planned.

Another great name that reflects what I love in photography is Alex Webb. What fascinates me is his mix of vibrant colors and complex creative compositions of street scenes and cultures around the world.

I also love the natural and spontaneous style of Richard Avedon, a fashion and portrait photographer that shows us the best combination of movement and emotions in his photographs.

I couldn’t let outside of this list the funniest Martin Paar, a documentary and photojournalist photographer that I love! His friendly and down-to-earth personality reflects in his vivid, colorful, and often humorous images of everyday life. Let’s just say that I relate to his keen eye for the absurdities of modern life.

What’s your favourite thing about shooting weddings?

Eating the wedding cake. Ok, maybe not just that. Weddings are such dynamic events with so many things going on. And even though it might seem like a terrible cliché, each wedding is different and there’s never a boring day when shooting weddings. I thrive in these situations and it fuels my creativity.

What do you think is most important in wedding photos?

There are a lot of things to love about wedding photos. My personal favourite things are the real moments and interactions between the people at a wedding. So many moments to capture. Happy ones, sad ones, crazy ones. Almost too many to mention. But at the end of the day what matters most to me is that I managed to capture your wedding day in all its aspects, in a way that when you look at your photos you’ll relive the day as if you were there again.

Wedding Day Questions

How do you feel about the couple’s portraits during a wedding?

Very good, thanks for asking. But seriously: Couple portraits are a great way to just capture your love in all the glory of your beautiful wedding outfit. Are you camera shy? I understand the feeling I am also not a big fan of having pictures taken. Interestingly, even some famous celebrities are camera-shy. For example, the actor Johnny Depp has stated that he feels uncomfortable being photographed and that he avoids looking at pictures of himself.

My portraits are simply a result of a nice walk in the surroundings near the venue, I usually don’t pose couples, instead I keep doing the dirty talk until the natural laughs and great expressions come to life!
We’ll sneak out for a little while and do some great shots of just the two of you. My portrait sessions take 15-30 minutes. I wouldn’t want you to be away from your guests for too long.

And formals?

Group shots are a favourite amongst many of my wedding clients. Did you sense the slight sarcasm? Even though for many people it’s not a part of the day they look forward to, having a couple of good, clear shots of you together with your parents, family, bridesmaids and best men is surely a good idea. Usually, after the ceremony or during the reception I like to take a few minutes to do some formal. To make sure we’re not forgetting anybody, I recommend making a list of the formals you’d like. If you limit it to about 10 formals, it won’t take long and your day won’t be interrupted as much.

How do you handle different and difficult lighting conditions during our wedding?

Leave it to the pros! I’m fully equipped to handle any situation that a wedding can throw at me. During the day I like to use natural light as much as possible, but I am not afraid of the dark side, so I’ll pop out my flashes and I’m ready to light up the darkest days.

How do you handle couples that are super awkward when posing?

I do like a challenge. But don’t worry. Pretty much 99% of the couples I shoot are not experienced with posing and yet I always manage to capture them in a natural and relaxed way. What’s the magical formula here? It’s actually very simple. I’ll encourage you to interact with each other instead of with the camera. Show your love for each other. Laugh, sing, dance! Whatever you feel like doing. Relax, have fun and the great photos will come naturally.

What arrangements do we need to make for you on our wedding day?

I don’t ask for much. Except for a big bowl of only blue M&M’s. That’s it. All joking aside, the only thing I ask for is that I’m being fed and that I can drink a reasonable amount to keep myself hydrated. Shooting a wedding can be very intense both physically and mentally and making sure I get plenty of nutrients and fluids will allow me to perform the best for you. In case I’m shooting your wedding until after your wedding dinner, I ask for a nutritious, healthy meal so I can keep going for hours to come. You can ask your venue for a crew meal and you’re all set.

Are you bilingual?

You bet I’m! With all my travels and adventures I can safely speak Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and English. The next ones on the list are Dutch and French. Take me abroad to your awesome wedding and I can even help you with arrangements!

What equipment do you bring to the wedding?

I bring 2-3 cameras Sony A7III which is a high-end mirrorless digital camera loaded with 2 memory cards each to make sure everything is backed up in two different cards.

I like to keep it simple so for the majority of the time I shoot with a 50mm or 24mm lens, but I also use 85mm and 35mm.

Natural light photographer by day and when the dark comes I rely on flashes, either on camera or on stands, depending on your venue.


The wedding is over: What happens next?

When the sun rises after your wedding day, and you wake up as (possibly hungover) newlyweds in your room along with an empty champagne bottle, a soiled wedding dress and an inexplicable hairdo, your wedding photos are already safely stored and multiple-back-upped on my computer and hard drives. After that, the fun starts. From the thousands of photos I’ve shot during your big day, I make a selection of the images that tell your story in the best possible. After that, I start with the most time-consuming part: The editing. cue dramatic sound effect.

The selected photos are corrected in terms of light, colour, contrast and other adjustments, making the best of every single one and making for an aesthetically consistent photo series.

How do you deliver photos?

After I finalized the editing, your photos will be uploaded onto a beautiful online photo gallery in which you can view, download, print and share the images. Because who uses USB flash drives nowadays, right?

Do you provide wedding albums and prints?

Of course I do! I provide amazing Folio albums and also for prints I’d be happy to provide you with high-quality physical versions of your favourite images that you can order directly from your gallery.

How many photos do you deliver per wedding?

It varies between 300 for a 5 hours wedding to 600 for a 10 hours wedding. Sometimes I go nut and deliver around 700-800 photos just because you had an awesome day!

How long it takes for us to have our wedding photos?

You will get all the edited photos within 6-9 weeks from your wedding date.

In short answer yes I do have the copyright of your wedding photos, but this is a bit confusing subject so let me explain a bit.

Copyright is the legal right to own something, specifically the originator. It gives the owner control over the way something is used or distributed. At the moment I take one photo, I own the right over that art material.

You as a client have usage rights which means you can print and share your gallery, and also display the photographs on your personal social media accounts, but you can’t sell your photos for any purpose or use it commercially on your own business or make changes on the photos.

And no you won’t get any watermarked photos