Natural Wedding Photography

Natural Wedding Photography

Candid Moments

I capture surprised faces, big laughs, and heartfelt tears in my natural wedding photography. Check out my portfolio to see these moments. I know that many of my clients like to have some ‘classic’ photos of their wedding day, but I also love to record the “B Side” of your wedding – enhancing the truth, the craziness, and the joy of the day. These images are favorites of mine but also reflect the uncontrived style of natural wedding photography. Life is SO MUCH MORE than classically posed photos, clean tables, and sober guests and my photography reflects that. Coming from the land of samba, I’m all about contrast, colors, emotions, and the wonderful madness of your wedding day.

My approach, as an eyewitness with a camera rather than an orchestrator of traditional set-up moments, follows the natural flow of the day. Recording the day, capturing your magical memories and the moments you really want to remember your wedding day.
Being from the land of samba I love contrast, colors, emotions, feelings, and all the madness involved in the day.

Celebrating Authenticity

While traditional wedding photos have their place, I believe that authenticity shines brightest on your big day. My approach to wedding photography is all about embracing the raw, unfiltered moments that define your love story. From teary-eyed vows to spontaneous bursts of laughter, I’m here to document the real, uncontrived beauty of your wedding day, ensuring that every fleeting, heartfelt moment is forever etched in time.

Capturing Your Unique Story

Your wedding day is a unique chapter in your life, and it deserves to be captured in a way that reflects your personality and style. I pride myself on being an unobtrusive observer, allowing your day to unfold naturally while I discreetly document the precious memories. My goal is to tell your story through candid shots that encapsulate the essence of your love. I’m a London Wedding Photographer offering thoughtful and natural wedding photography in London, across the UK, and overseas.

Ready to have awesome natural photos of your wedding?

Candid Moments Infused with a Dash of Rock ‘n’ Roll Portraits