Wedding at Botleys Mansion

Fall in Love! A wedding at Botleys Mansion!


Springtime is coming! FINALLY! Don’t get me wrong, but for a Brazilian, 6 months of “wintertime” is more than enough! So as we are leaving the fall and winter behind I decided to close the cold season with this amazing wedding at Botleys Mansion that happened last October!

Catriola & William chose one Bea to cover this amazing day and they got 2″ Bea” to do it (well my middle name is Beatriz after all!). This wedding I got the chance to work with the beautiful, super cool, Romanian photographer, Bea! It was great and cool to work with her, I felt super comfy during it all!

Their big day was small and luxurious and much of that is due to the Botleys Mansion. The venue was simply amazing! I saw that Tudor’s tv show and when I did the research of the venue, found out that this was once the property of King Henry VIII. Cool, isn’t it? The right place for a princess wedding!

Talking about the bride, Catriola, has a Scottish family and they had a Scottish band playing traditional music at the party, this really made the guests dancing! I love when everyone has fun and really celebrate love!

A fun fact about this wedding at Botleys Mansion :


One of the Bride’s brothers, that also was a testimony of their wedding, forgot his shirt! There he was, in his room — and I was doing all the Making Of, as they all were getting ready at the same place as the bride and groom, I could just jump from a room to another and had it all– when he turned to his wife and asked about his white shirt, as she answers that was with him and he said that he believed it was with her! They both forgot to take it! They had to run to the nearest city to buy a new one, just moments before the wedding! He was super tall so no one had an extra shirt that would fit him properly. High emotions and the wedding had not even started!

Besides this tiny moment of desperation, all went super well and was a lovely fall day! I loved to photograph a wedding at Botleys Mansion and I hope you all like the result as well! Would be nice to be back there on another opportunity, maybe during spring/summertime!

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