Wedding at Wandsworth Town Hall – Amber & Thomas

A charming, intimate and unique at Wandsworth Town Hall

From the beginning to the very end. That could be their statement… Today I’m going to talk about Amber and Jordan, this amazing young couple that exchanged vows on an English winter day at Wandsworth Town Hall.

From the beginning to the very end… that was how I photographed them. I had the pleasure of being the only eye to be with them throughout the entire day, therefore catching all the excitement, emotions, laughs and hopes of an amazing future.

An amazing future, that is certainly what they have in front of them. They’ve met in college and love talked louder them the different accents they have. She is an American beauty while he is the quintessential English gentleman. They chose a beautiful winter day to eternalize their love. Wandsworth Town Hall is really close to their place and, due to that, chosen to be the place to register it all, formally. Then we moved to The Parlour in the Sun of Camberwell, a great pub with enough space for a small, intimate, elegant and unique celebration. They’ve added a Great Gatsby touch to all of it, just to add a layer an extra charm.

I really love and enjoy parties at pubs. I can’t think of a more English way to celebrate than that! The Parlour has an eclectic décor, a mix of vintage designs, brickwork, comfy seating and quirky recycled furniture. Young, fresh and, yet, traditional. Just like the bride and groom.

Their love vows under fine snow on a winter day was touching. To see such youngsters enjoying themselves and betting on the future makes me feel emotional with the hope of a better world. A feeling that keeps following me to this very day. To see their photos is to witness the idea of a multicultural but intimate world. The different referrals that appeared through the day, reminding that we are all connected, despite boundaries, was amazing. Adding to the idea of a greater world they’ve selected just a few to be there with them. The bigger and smaller picture, the “all and nothing” idea present in our lives every single day. They carry the world with them and they are building a small circle to share it with. Simply amazing the contrasts that shout out loud and bring us together.

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