Surprise Proposal Photography – Sophie & John

Surprise proposal photography: would you like that?

Are you the kind of person that likes surprises? Well, John bet Sophie would like this one! He contacted me to do a surprise proposal photography! Yes! She was going to hear the big question and I’d be there to eternalize everything!

John found me through Bidvine, a platform for freelancers, and we organized everything. He chose the same place they intend to marry. They went for afternoon tea (so British!) at Fanhams Hall, a beautiful place! It was not crowded, so I had no place to easily hide! Had to wait a little bit for them to end the tea and head to the red bridge, the point where John confided that he would ask Sophie.

As there wasn’t a lot of people, I pretend I was feeding the ducks and fishes at the river, when they came close. She didn’t see it coming! The weather was a little bit cold yet, so I guess she was more involved with that and didn’t notice my camera.

After the big YES we had about 30 minutes together to do some portraits, and guess what? They hired me to their big day! It is going to be on Christmas of, 2018 at the same place as this proposal! (I’m enjoying seeing my agenda getting busy for the next year!)

By the way, that is why I’m a little behind my posting schedule! It is high season here and I’m fully involved in register love (meaning: working a lot!). But it is all here, on my post line to show you! Soon I’ll have some street photography news, summer trips and real weddings to share with you.

While that enjoy this beautiful surprise proposal photography, with the lovely John and Sophie!

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