Same Sex Wedding at Chelsea – Mark & Ryad

To be a same-sex wedding photographer is to be led by our heart, only

Love. What is love? What should it be? I don’t know, but I can recognize it when I see it. A relationship that lasts 20 years. Twenty years of partnership, companionship, trust, and life. Mark and Ryad and a love that unified England and France. To be a same-sex wedding photographer is super easy, there are no taboos nor pre-definitions, there is only love, and there is me and my camera and my heart to follow.

They are impassioned by life. These two know how to enjoy it. We met on a sunset with drinks at their place, and just by that I could see I’d work with amazing people. They love receiving friends, cooking, and drinking, a typical case of someone who sees the bright side of life and lives it to the fullest.

They decided to do a small wedding, almost an elopement. On the same day, they met 20 years ago.  It was my second time at the Chelsea Town Hall and there were only 4 guests this time! Later 2 others arrived at the restaurant to celebrate this intimate celebration. One of the guests, I can imagine, has been by their side for a long time. She cried for the whole ceremony, clearly happy for them. So emotional!

We went to the Blue Bird restaurant to celebrate. A cute place in Chelsea that I highly recommend, it was my second time photographing there too.

After that Mark and Ryad went on an Italian Honeymoon! Hope they liked it there, it is an amazing country!

All the best to them! I wish for at least another 20 years of love, companionship, trust, and relationship under the same roof! Love is bigger than anything and when we find true love in life, we shine brighter than sunshine!

Thanks, Ryad & Mark for sharing your special day with me!

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