Christmas in Mersea Island – Travel adventures

A love and sharing experience in Mersea Island

This Christmas was kinda different. I was not in my country, not at home, a little bit out of myself but inside Mersea Island. Yes, I went to an Island and that particular fact reminded me about old happy Christmas time at my hometown in Florianópolis. I even ate oysters to remind myself of home! These were days of floating thoughts like the sound of the ship bells at Mersea. Time to revisit the year and remember the past. I know that Christmas will never be like it once was, without very important people in my life present. I’d rather be with the good memories, from moments that became unforgettable.

This was an unexpected Christmas where I had the privilege of being invited by the last person I thought it would invite me to something like this. But I can tell it came from the heart. I am more than grateful to Pippa and her lovely and sweet sister, Caroline, for giving me the opportunity to enjoy 2 days of beverage, food, family time, beach, oysters, more beverage, and… well… did I say food?

Time for love and family confraternization, and nothing better than to do this inside an artist’s studio. Boat maker, engineer, designer, well we can use lots of different words to describe Fabian. Always with a smile on his face! He opened the doors of his studio too, at the time, 17 people gathered around a beautiful full table !!

It felt like a piece of home, happy people, emotional people, drunk people. The only difference is that this happens at the lunchtime on the 25th! In Brazil, with all the warm weather of summertime, we celebrate the night of the 24th. This difference made it even more special!

I saw many photographers’ posts showing their best of 2016, their best photos, all proud of themselves. I don`t have this post. Maybe I’m missing it, maybe because life tricked me at the end of the match “Cah x 2016” and I dived into Mersea Island. But I believe I got something even better. I have the register of this beautiful family who let me, gently, get inside their circle. Who showed me love and let me capture their faces and smiles, showing that all families are accomplices of moments.


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