Holiday Photos at Lancaster University

Holiday Photos at Lancaster University 


Would you do a photoshoot at your university? Well and if you met your loved one there?


It is quite common to fall in love during university. First of all, you are far from home and it helps when you have someone that you love around. In addition, life gets easier during this phase. Even study for final exams is lighter when you are in love, don’t you agree?

This is what happened with this couple: they fell in love 3 years ago during a Master in Business’ s course at Lancaster University! That is why they decided to do their Holiday photos at Lancaster University!

They were in the same class, and met at the university coffee shop, on the same table that I could photograph them now! Cute isn’t it? The kind of story we only hear about the movies!

A year ago they graduated and returned to China, their home country. Now, they were in London for a brief vacation and contacted me! They wanted to do holiday photos at the university. So we drove to Lancaster to do this special, different and, yes, alternative photoshoot.

Love above all


A little bit shy, but deeply in love, they also had some flowers to embellish the photos. And as a courtesy for each other (Who doesn’t like to receive some flowers?!). As a result, they could remember the good times at the university and the years they spent together there. All the great memories and moments lived between those books and I was more than happy to be part of this moment!

Hope they will contact me to photograph them in China! Would love to continuous telling their love story! And of course, would love to photograph in China! Already have a few ideas on my mind! While that, join me in this pleasant stroll.

Love keeps following me, bringing me couples from all over the world, putting them on my way and for that I’m grateful.



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