Snap Wedding Photography Festival 2016

A memorable Festival Wedding in Wales

Imagine you left all behind.

All you ever knew was left behind you. And you are all by yourself in a new place, a new life, a new job with new perspectives and promises. The Snap Wedding Photography Festival 2016 it was memorable!

I wonder if anyone knows the feeling of leaving family, friends, old job all behind and jump into the unknown? For everyone who does that in the world should exist a festival like Snap to consolidate, solidify knowledge and know new people.

So there I was. The new girl in town, jumping into the new life I chose. With open heart, mind and arms to embrace my future.

When I first heard about Snap I thought it would be just another wedding photography congress – like the ones I’ve been to in Brazil-, but it is so more than that! It is a collaborative community about love and union. Of course, wedding photography is what bound us together, but above all there are honest, lovely people who truly take care of each other. To live for 5 intense days full of music, photo, studies and workshops, camping and joy was more than a “Welcome to Uk” for me, it touched my soul. I felt really embraced by these inspiring people. Imagine that even a true wedding was done in this BEAUTIFUL (not to say amazing) place in Wales.

To be inside this community filled my heart with hope and burst, even more, my passion for photography just by knowing that these real people exist each one in their own path, each one in a journey, all together with the purpose to eternalized moments. I now , knowing all these real people, pass to admire all these talents who make part of the Snap community.

A truly life-changing moment. Like the ones, I hope to capture through my lenses.


Here are a few documentary photos I did from these days. Hoping to be there next year again!




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