Engagement Photos in Italy – Lia & Fe

Engagement Photos in Italy!

On my last post I talked about the amazing trip to Budapest, right? Well how about talk about an engagement photos in Italy? The second (or first?) most romantic country on earth!

On my way to Budapest, I stopped in a few cities to visit some dear friends and, why not work, as well!  Love is always on my way, and it wouldn’t be different this time. I was in Milan for a week, visiting friends, organising a trip to a small beach and enjoying the city, when Lia contact me. She was on the group that was going to the beach trip, we were going to share a car together with her husband Felipe. She knew about my work and scheduled an engagement photoshoot!

Lia and Felipe are both Brazilians, photographers and now living in Milan, different from what I usually do, this time it wasn’t a destination wedding. They wanted to mark the arrival to Milan, so this work had everything to be even more special!
Together for about 4 years, married for almost 2 they chose the beautiful scenery of the Navigli and Darsena in Milan (there is where the canals are).

He was her photography teacher back in Brasil and they are together since her second week of class! Universe operates in ways we can’t imagine! Who would’ve guessed love would happen in a class?

Check it out! Isn’t it lovely?

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