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 Edinburgh Street Photography


Hi guys! Have you been with me the last few posts? Well, I’m going to change the subject a little bit today and talk about an amazing experience I recently had travelling to Edinburgh! I tried to make as much street photography as I could, really feel the atmosphere and go with the flow. So today I’ll show you a bit about Edinburgh Street Photography!

As I was travelling with a friend, I was more relaxed and travelled light just with my Fuji, not getting too worried about light and angles, just literally enjoying the moment and getting the best of it.

Have you ever been to Edinburgh? Today I’ll tell my best impress on the city through the street photographies I did when I was there early this year!

I really loved the city and we had such luck as the weather was great. This trip meant so much to me as it was my last travel with this beloved friend as she is now back to Brazil. Gisele is one of my best friends and I call her my Lil’ sis as she is a bit younger than me. The city took care of us and we enjoyed every single second of it!

The trick of the Scotch Eggs!

Edinburgh surprised me with a few things. First of all, I discovered that Scotch Eggs are NOT from Scotland! Things British do just to confuse us! Maybe that was the only thing I got disappointed on kkkkk (don’t have a clue what I’m talking about? check it out.

Besides this little disappointment, all was great, I felt very safe and secure in town. It was very peaceful to walk around and we did at the Dean Village, and from the centre to the modern museums. I didn’t see a lot of tourists in this area, calmer than the old town.

We were also surprised that people really enjoy doing picnics at the cemetery! It is so weird for me! But at the same time, I thought it was a great idea, a way to stay with our beloved passed ones with great energy. (In this case, the scenery was the writer’s philosopher cemetery )

Another thing that caught my attention was that a lot of church’s buildings are not churches anymore, although the original building is still there. One of it turned into a Hostel, another one is a small concert place nowadays ( like a hub for Edinburgh’s festivals). Curious isn’t it?!

Funny facts!

  • buses have only one door! But bathrooms have 2 (!? why!!??). On buses, we have to wait for everyone to get off to get in (but no one there is in a hurry anyway)
  • money is a bit different from England, although in Edinburgh they accept our Queen’s notes, here in London they don’t accept the Edinburgh’s money
  • almost all pubs we went had a vending machine that sells whiskey flavour condom and dildos inside the bathrooms!
  • people there are happy, with great energy and a funny accent!

Loved loved loved!

If you go there check out these places:

The Jazz bar

The paradise 

Hopefully, you will have as much fun as I did there! (Bring your best friends with you! It is a great place to celebrate friendship.)


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