Westminster Wedding Photographer – Rob & Antonia

Westminster Wedding Photographer For An East-West Meets Love Story

I love how London is full of surprises, don’t you? There’s always so much going on, and everyone you meet has a story to tell. I heard a truly romantic fairytale when I was booked as a Westminster wedding photographer for Antonia and Rob. Their wedding at Westminster Townhall and the East India Club in London was all charm and romance; I couldn’t get enough! The wedding proves that online dating is the future, or at least was meant to be for these two lovely people.

Weddings to Antonia are now important for two reasons. Number one is, of course, her own wedding. The second reason is the fact that visiting London for a friend’s wedding was how she met Rob in the first place.

The story begins…

Three years ago, Antonia travelled from Germany to London for a friend’s wedding. While she was in London, Antona was skimming through Tinder. She ‘swiped’ right on a handsome guy and guess what? The handsome guy is Rob, and he is now in her life forever!

It goes to show that love moves people. Literally! Three months into a long-distance relationship, Antonia made the decision to move to London to be with Rob, and she didn’t regret it at all! This is what I love about being a wedding photographer; you get to learn all about the stories, twists and turns behind the relationship.

Antonia had her dress shipped from Munich. Fortunately, the beautiful dress had enough room for her little bump that was gradually growing day by day. That’s right, Antonia was a very calm and proud pregnant bride! This was a big surprise doe me and was the second wedding in a row as a which features a pregnant bride! I did know for sure that it wouldn’t be three in a row for me as the following weekend was a wedding featuring a gay couple, but this will be another story.

Some of the highlights of the wedding for me was the incredible singing of the boys followed by the singing of the girls. However, it was Rob’s dad who was the life and soul of the party; he was hilarious! He was constantly cracking me up while I was taking shots of the wedding.

The part was big and energetic with guests from Antonia’s side coming from Germany and Rob’s family and friends coming from Sri Lanka. It was amazing to see the blend of cultures and the fact everyone just wanted to celebrate! Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing Antonia and Rob’s new arrival; I already know the baby will be incredibly cute!

If I could use just three words, to sum up, their relationship, they would be: inseparable, affectionate and best friends. And let’s be honest, that’s is all matters for your future! 

I wish you both, oops my bad; I mean you THREE all the happiness in the world! Thank you for sharing this special day with me!


Flowers: Birksen

Dress: Salon

DJ: Piano Dj

Suit: Ede & Ravenscroft 





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