Wedding Photographer in Buckinghamshire – Sara & John

Sara and John got married! And I could be their Wedding Photographer in Buckinghamshire!


Hi you all! Today I’m here to tell the story of a lovely couple and how was my experience being a wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire. First of all, I was working with Emmie Scott, a brilliant photographer and I was, as we call, her second photographer that day. I love being a second photographer sometimes! Because I feel freer and, therefore, I can go for what I love at the wedding, to do my style and get the best memories of it!

It was more than grateful to work with Emmie, she was so nice to me and she is so talented! What a pleasant day! The weather was great, almost like days in Brazil and the venue was simply perfect! Sara and John’s wedding at the Old Luxters Hambleden was unbelievable! Amazing decoration, exactly how we usually expect at weddings: purely beautiful! A Countryside wedding worthy of a princess ( Sara was gorgeous in her dress! by the way).

Seems like she got all she ever dreamed!

I stood with the groom on his preparation and with his Irish family. It was fantastic! Later they were all smiling, dancing and enjoying the party! I love being able to know different cultures, to pay attention to the details and notice that even being “the same thing everywhere” it has its differences! All went super well, and I was able to catch smiles here and there! All securely eternalize by my lens!

Sara and John were my first wedding after a while here in the UK and it was an amazing Kickstarter! The party was all fun. The bride and groom could really enjoy it and celebrate their love with their beloved ones.

Thanks for the amazing opportunity, Emmie! Thanks, Sara and John for sharing your love with all of us and with my lens! I’m sure, as a result, it will bring me luck on my journey! I’ll certainly love to be a wedding photographer in Buckinghamshire any time soon and for that, I’ll always remember you!



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