Wedding in Chelsea Town Hall – Emily & Nick


Wedding in Chelsea Town Hall – Emily & Nick

Cool, Quirky, Funny and Fresh. That is how I’ll remember Emily and Nick! This Australian wedding in Chelsea Town Hall was simply amazing! The energy, the lightness, the vibe was contagious! If I had to nominate a wedding where the bride and groom had fun, you would be my number one, guys!

To tell you a bit about the day, we had the celebration at the Chelsea Old Town Hall, then we moved to formal photos with a vintage big British red bus, the family had lunch and finally, we went to a pub, where we partied till dawn! (or ’till we had no more booze!)

At the beginning I was imagining it would be a quite common wedding day, but that feeling didn’t last long. Emily showed her funny personality right from the preparation. Fun poses, beautiful large smiles and unique confidence, told me she was a “one of a kind” bride!

Nick’s flamingo’s tie was also another indication of an amazing day. They had it their own way, you can be sure of that. They were themselves in a way I’ve never seen a bride and groom being! And I think is amazing! I can understand when couples decide to do a wedding that both families would approve of, but I absolutely love when couples “don’t care” for others opinion and simply make the best day of their lives really THE BEST DAY POSSIBLE! And, it seems like, Emily and Nick did it.

Congrats, my Aussie lovers!

This Australian wedding is a perfect example of how we can be classical and ourselves at the same time, combining it all beautifully.

Your beautiful big laughs, fun and relaxed poses, will definitely be in my memory bank forever.

If all Australian weddings are like this, I’ll probably rethink my plan of living in London! (Maybe 6 months here, 6 months there?) Who knows?

In conclusion, I just wish you all the best, Emily and Nick. It was a pleasure to be with you on this amazing day!


The Bailey Hotel

London Retro Bus

Chelsea Flower Stand

Clos Maggiore

The Elgin Pub 



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