Chelsea Registry Office Wedding with Crazy party

Millie & Andrew

When Millie contacted me saying that they were getting married, I got really excited! I had two very good reasons: First is that they would get married at the Cadogan suite in Chelsea Registry Office, which is the most beautiful room in this town hall. I’ve shot several weddings there, but it would be my first in this room. Second: they are friends with Caitlin, whose wedding I shot two years ago. That means a wedding with awesome people. They are Aussies which guarantees a fun-loving day with loads of laughs! I was already looking forward to it.

Millie & Andrew were to get married in Tuscany but due to the coronavirus, they had to move the wedding to London. They got lucky because it was during the short period last summer when up to 30 guests were allowed.

Their wedding ceremony was beautiful, with additional guests who Zoom-ed in to watch. After the I do’s, the group moved to a park nearby to enjoy some drinks. When the drinks were finished, we hopped aboard a vintage bus and headed to the Upstairs Trinity in Clapham.

We listened to the coolest speech from Andrew. That man really knows how to do a proper speech. He nailed it with a mix of laughter and crying at the same time.

Crazy Garden Party

Hold onto your hats, folks, because Millie & Andrew are throwing the wildest party of the year in their very own garden! The music is blasting, the drinks are flowing, and everyone is letting loose and having the time of their lives. It’s a true celebration of love and happiness, and the couple is surrounded by all their favorite people.

They bought a house just two weeks before the wedding. How cool is it when you can invite your besties for a party in your very own garden? I loved the connection they had with the guests and I think it really shows in the photographs. I’ve been shootings weddings for a while and what I value more than loads of decoration and details is when the people freely express their emotions and don’t care about anything but having fun.

To me, this wedding really stands out because of all its happiness and craziness at the late party. But even when the ceremony started earlier that day, I already knew what was coming ahead. In the end, my expectations were even exceeded. What an amazing day!


Flowers – Birksen Clapham

Venue: Chelsea Registry Office 



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