Tower Bridge Wedding – Dilly and Lukas

Have you ever wonder how it is to have a Tower Bridge wedding?

Full of little details. That is how I’ll remember this. Tsurus, petals, the bride’s yellow nails… the joy of having a dream coming true and doing their Tower Bridge wedding! All the little expressions that were filling the air. Just their families at the celebration and then we would move to a bigger place to party with friends and loved ones. Was I amazed by this opportunity? Yes. Was I dreaming about photographing them at the highest point of one of the biggest symbols of London? Absolutely, Yes!

Sri Lanka, Vancouver, and London, this odd combination was in perfect harmony during the day, like they lived in the same block. The most beautiful Sari that she wore, his friend playing the violin for her at the aisle… perfect. Simple and perfect.

I can’t say that the location wasn’t important, doing a ceremony at the Tower Bridge is nothing ordinary (not for me at least!) and it touched me! Really!

The party took place at Prospect of Whitby, close to the Bridge and was beautifully decorated with colourful tsurus. Friends and families from all over reunited in the name of love, witnessing this amazing new beginning. Dilly and Lukas can celebrate, not only their love but all that they bring with them. Happiness, roots, the world!

It says that if you do 1000 tsurus wishing something big, the wish will happen! The Tsuru is a bird that represents health, happiness, and good luck! (And who doesn’t want that?) I’m not sure if there were 1000 tsurus, but I’m sure that they will have a life full of love, joy, health and amazing stories to share together! Hopefully, I’ll be there to register those moments too.

Details, details, details <3

A little detail that I particularly loved was the yellow flowers! So joyful! And really matched them! Like a yellow soul, warm and bright! We could see it in their smiles.

Hope to get another Tower Bridge wedding soon! Was so amazing to photograph there!

Dilly and Lukas, all the best on your new journey. Hope we see each other soon!



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