Glastonbury Inspired Same Sex Wedding

Same-Sex Wedding in London Graham & Ronnie

In this same-sex wedding, nothing brings a party atmosphere as a music festival does! Graham and Ronnie brought the vibes from the festival fields to the streets of London for their fab wedding filled with tunes, colour and plenty of fun. Luckily for me, Graham and Ronnie chose me as their wedding photographer to document their special day,

Of course for this adventurous, witty and magical couple, they didn’t choose just any festival for their wedding theme. They raised the stakes with the winner of the Festival of the Year awards (and let’s be honest the coolest festival on the planet); Glastonbury!

Same-sex Wedding in Islington

I love Glastonbury and always try to get tickets myself. However, it isn’t easy and the fact it coincides with the busiest weekend in the wedding season means I always say; “maybe next year”. Well thanks to Graham and Ronnie, I got to experience the festival feeling of Glastonbury without having to desperately hunt for tickets. Plus document their amazing wedding day as a London gay wedding photographer too! Glastonbury in East London – Now that’s what you call a party!

Graham and Ronnie had it all figured out. Their super-organisational skills made sure that everything was in the Glastonbury colour pallet. All the fab decorations and confetti were colour coordinated. Plus the couple even gave out wristbands! They thought of everything.

From Festival Tickets To Flags, wedding party at The Artisan

The couple knows from experience how difficult it is to get tickets for Glastonbury. In additional before the ceremony at Islington Town Hall, the couple gave each guest a ticket. Nobody knew why keeping up the suspense. In the end, the holders of the winning tickets were chosen to be witnesses. They thought it was so difficult to determine who should be a witness. Much like how hard it is to get festival tickets, this was the perfect way to decide.

After the ceremony, the newlyweds and their guests headed to The Artisan in Clerkenwell which was suitably decorated in huge Glastonbury flags as well as posters from the festival each year from the year that they met seven years ago.

After the festival wedding, the couple headed on honeymoon for a fusion of traditional and contemporary in incredible Japan!

Thanks so much to Graham and Ronnie for letting me enjoy the Glastonbury festival spirit without having to get muddy and for allowing me to document your unique and intimate London wedding celebration!


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