Budapest Romantic Weekend Photos

The Romantic Budapest- Daniela & Victor

Remember the post about Budapest? I told you I wanted to find a couple to photograph there just as an extra excuse to the trip? Well, meet Daniele and Vitor in a romantic Budapest!

Another Brazilian couple with a fantastic love story! Crazy, hurried and amazing story. His company moved him to Budapest, so they had a “last-minute” marriage so that she could go with him on this new adventure! They were planning to do a big Brazilian wedding at the end of the year but had to hurry things up! At the day of the photoshoot, it was their 2nd monthly anniversary! Lucky me, that could make the best out of this expanded honeymoon feeling!

Imagine: you just moved to a new country, with a totally different language, you must be there for your work, and together with this you and your beloved one decides to start a life together! Under the same roof… What a life-changing! All together at the same time!

But Love is like this: is cheesy, corny and drives you to do things unimaginable before you realizes what you are doing and that is the fun about it. (and what I love!)

We hadn’t our best weather and light conditions, it was a cloudy almost rainy end of the day, but it gave me the opportunity to explore different aspects and night light of the city! We were planning to do the photoshoot sport’s themed, as they are both runners and their program is to go out, through Margaret Island (a fluvial island in the middle of Budapest), doing sports and enjoying the outdoors at weekends. Well, maybe next time!

Hope you all enjoy the photos!



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