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Portofino Italy holidays


It’s summertime, baby!

Are you following the posts? Did you read about Budapest and about Lia and Felipe?  Today we have a new chapter, Paragi and Portofino street photography. A holiday trip to Italian beaches with lovely Brazilian couples!

If you are following here you already know that on my way to an amazing trip to Budapest, I stoped a week in Milan where I photographed a lovely couple! Well as I said on that post we also did a day trip to an Italian beach, called Paragi.

Italy is full of amazing small hidden beaches, most of them private, but we are Brazilians and we will always find a space under the sun! Paragi is a really small beach, full of “lidos” (private beaches in Italian) but it also has a small public beach. We went there in 5 couples + 2 dogs and me!

The clear water and the high sun was what I needed after a few months in London (I love here, but I needed a day to produce D vitamin!). I took my camera and did some beach photos. After enjoying the sea we did a small walking towards Portofino, a well known, but also small, beach!

The way was full of surprises, deep blue water, boats, hidden sand spaces, old and beautiful houses until we properly arrive in Portofino.
What an amazing place! We had a Gelato and walked around the restaurants and the main square, full of colourful buildings.
Some of us went further and went up to the old church and the castle! The castle was closed, but we could find a gap on the wall and did an amazing photo from the beach!
After the castle, we continued the way up to the lighthouse where has a small pub and a fantastic view.

Returning to the main square we witnessed a band! On our way back to Milan we made a stop on Santa Margherita to prove the famous cheese Foccacia!

Well, I said a lot of “amazing” and “fantastic” here in this post, right? Check it if I’m right!

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