A Killing Outdoor Wedding in Essex

Nick & Caitlin

Have you ever found services through Facebook? Well, sometimes I find amazing opportunities there! Such as this beautiful outdoor wedding that happened this last summer. Are you curious to find out more about Nick & Caitlin´s special day?
A Brazilian friend tagged me in a creativity group post that was looking for a photographer for an outdoor wedding in Essex last march. I applied among others and that was our first contact!
We soon had our meeting and it clicked! That is how I end up registering this beautiful summer sunny outdoor wedding.
It was a beautiful garden and they made it all with the help of family and friends: the cake, music, decor…! Caitlin did her making of in an Airbnb near the place. She had a Bentleys to drive her to the wedding and it started raining the minute we left the Airbnb!  Luckily it was a quick rain and by the time that we arrived at the garden, it had already stopped. This is Caitlin’s friend house, which is awfully beautiful from the gardens to the house!

The first wedding was outdoors in Vegas!!

This was not their first wedding… they married in a little chapel in Las Vegas 3 months before, but it was all secret until the Bride´s speech! Could you do that? Keep a secret like this for 3 months?! It was certainly ah “wow” moment!!
Caitlin is Australian and her family is from Hong Kong. Nick is from the UK. So they had guests from all over the world. A wedding full of meaningful details:  from the chubby bunny game among friends to the special jewellery designed by Caitlin´s friend. It was amazing!
Who would guess that a simple Facebook post would bring me so much? Without a doubt, I’m thankful for this opportunity and a special thanks for the groom´s speech where they thanked me for being there. All professionals like some recognition.

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