An Adorable Nutfield Priory Wedding

Yoonjung & Michael

This cool couple had their dream day at Saint Mary Oxted church and then moved to Nutfield Priory for the wedding party, also in Surrey. Together they chose Michael´s hometown, Surrey, for their UK wedding. She was already 3 months pregnant ( which you cannot tell by the photos!!). In September they had another wedding in Korea ( with no signs of a baby bump either)

From Korea to the UK!

How do you imagine a wedding from a Korean bride with a British groom? Come with me, because today I’m going to show this beautiful multicultural wedding that I had the pleasure to photograph last year in the Saint Mary Oxted Church and Nutfield Priory in Surrey.

Yoonjung and Michael met in the corridors of National History Museum. This unusual place to meet someone was the perfect background for their love story.

I did their photoshoot in Richmond 2 months before the wedding and that was great so we could get closer and prepare for the big day. I always recommend the couples to do a pre-wedding photoshoot.  At the big day is all so quick and confused ( in the best way possible) that a pre-wedding is a great way to have a moment just for the couple with beautiful photos to remind later.

Yoonjung is a super calm, shy and sweet bride and part of her family came all way over from Korea to celebrate with them on this sunny August summer day. Her dad doesn’t speak English so friends and family helped him with the translation. That is a sign of a beautiful multicultural wedding!

I’m so happy that I could join this big day full of emotions and uniqueness as the cake made by the bride’s sister. Now they have the little cute boy Daniel, and I’m super happy for them!

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