Wedding in Warwickshire – Rachel & Tom

The story of a hilarious, loving wedding in Warwickshire

It is winter, but my heart is still warm from the summertime! Today I’ll show you a little bit of what was Rachel & Tom’s wedding day! This amazing couple invited me to be their wedding photographer in Warwickshire, and so I went!  It was a charming day, full of laughter, friends, fun, kids and tons of Love!

Some facts caught my attention, like the kid’s table, her friends at the “making of” and this charming barn atmosphere! Rachel and Tom are the kind of couple that I love: crazy and fun! Truly attached to the important things in life.

They describe their relationship as “strange, hilarious and loving” and I couldn’t say otherwise. A bride that let me photograph her in the bathroom? Check for hilarious. An Engagement over WhatsApp? Check for strange. A celebration with lots of handmade details? Check for loving. Yep. Can’t add much to that.

Seems like that the fact that they already have kids contributes to this light way to see life. Light in both senses. I haven’t seen so much care about the kid’s table and details in a while and that conquered my heart! The cool way the couple dealt with everything from beginning to end… really! Love is that! And that is what I love to photograph: a true portrait of a relationship. It doesn’t matter if by being a party photographer in Brazil or a wedding photographer in Warwickshire. The honest moments, truthful, from the heart, that is what drives me.

Weddings are for this: to celebrate love! And they got right on point. Rachel and Tom were able to develop a most singular, charming and loving wedding day, that showed exactly what their relationship is about!

In addition to all that the amazing sound of Population 7. One of their favourite sounds.

Tons of love to you guys! An even happier journey from now on!




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