Love destination engagement Milan

Wedding Photographer in Milan

Well, this love destination engagement shoot, happened at the beginning of this year. I was in Milan again, at the end of the winter time, and I met Evelise and Johnny, a lovely Brazilian couple who was in town to make his citizenship process (his family is Italian and he needed to be recognised as one, as well) but they where not alone, they were caring a small human being inside her belly <3

Budapest Romantic Weekend Photos

Love takes you to Budapest Remember the post about Budapest? I told you I wanted to find a couple to photograph there just as an extra excuse to the trip? Well, meet Daniele and Vitor! Another brasilian couple with a...
budapest parliament

Budapest Streets – Photography

Budapest, the Paris from the East Europe Life happens. No matter what you think. Time is passing, people are getting old, the history of the world is changing. So here is how I ended up enjoying a superb week in the romanticBudapest doing what I love, street photography!