Islington Town Hall Wedding

An Islington Town Hall Wedding


Here I am, once again! Sundays are the perfect day to go out with some friends and go to a pub, right? That is why today I’ll show you the wedding of this cute, super warm couple that I loved to photograph! I got the chance to be their wedding photographer at Islington Town Hall, east London. A beautiful place to check out if you are going to get married! And the party took place in a pub! Yeah, you read it right! The party was at The Prince Albert. An amazing, cool and alternative place. Perfect for a wedding celebration! How could it be more Londoner? Can’t imagine!

I was a second photographer, again with the talented Laura, and it was perfect! I stood by the groom during his making of, while Laura was with the bride. So we met at the Town Hall and went together to the party. Laura is so easy to deal with! Love working with her! Hopefully, we will have other weddings to attend together!

I’m super happy with the way things are going on my career and being a wedding photographer on Islington Town Hall kinda tells me I’m on the right path!

Talking about the couple, do you believe they are already expecting their first baby? Yes! They made their order with Lady Stork right after the wedding! So happy with this new family! Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to photograph this magical moment and be part of another amazing moment of this couple’s life. Getting married in Islington, celebrate on a pub, the first baby coming, all before the end of the year! 2016 must-have been great for them!

May all your days be full of joy, happiness and plenitude! I shall say it was a great beginning of the rest of your lives! Congrats!

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