Hackney Town Hall Wedding

Linda & Tom

Linda and Tom choose Hackney Town Hall for their intimate wedding ceremony at the end of the pandemic, following awesome street photography in the London center and dinner at The Ivy Restaurant in Canary Wharf.
I met the couple 2 months before the wedding for an engagement shoot in Greenwich where they live, they are so sweet and nice people, just my kind of people! Guess what? Multicultural couple!!! Tom is from German and Linda has family in Australia. Because of the C word they tied the knot In Hackney with a few people and ket some calls and streams during the day.

Hackney Town Hall

Hackney town hall in east London offers style, sophistication, and a touch of history, with its art deco style. I noticed that they have this beautiful marmor floor with nice lights coming from above leaving the couple with nice shadows in their photographs.
The happy couple tied the knot in the grand Assembly Hall, which boasts beautiful period features and elegant chandeliers. The bride looked stunning in a classic white gown princess style while the groom donned a sharp suit and bow tie. The ceremony was emotional and heartfelt, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as the couple exchanged vows.

After the ceremony, we took a stroll through Southbank in London for some snaps. The area was buzzing with tourists and locals alike, creating a fun and lively atmosphere that made for some fantastic photos. We stopped by some of the famous landmarks, including the London Bridge, St. Pauls, and the Southbank Centre. The couple looked so happy and in love, and it was a joy to capture those moments on camera.

The Ivy Restaurant

Next up was the reception at The Ivy in Canary Wharf. This iconic restaurant has been a fixture of London’s dining scene for over a century and is known for its elegant decor and exceptional cuisine. The couple had chosen The Ivy for its sophisticated yet relaxed atmosphere, and it did not disappoint. The restaurant was decked out with beautiful floral arrangements and vintage-inspired decor, and the staff was attentive and friendly throughout the evening, I really love their food.

As the guests arrived, they were treated to a drinks reception in the restaurant’s stunning outside bar area. The bride and groom made their grand entrance to cheers and applause, and the evening got underway. The menu was a carefully crafted selection of classic dishes with a modern twist, and the food was absolutely delicious. The wine flowed freely, and everyone was in high spirits as speeches were made and toasts were raised.

As the night wore on, the bride and groom took to the floor for their first dance, and it was a beautiful moment that had everyone reaching for their cameras. The rest of the night was a blur of laughter, dancing, and merriment, and it was clear that everyone was having a fantastic time.

Overall, this wedding at Hackney Town Hall with the reception at The Ivy was a truly unforgettable event. From the stunning ceremony to the lively reception, every moment was filled with joy and love. As a photographer, it was an honor to capture those precious memories on camera, and I know that the happy couple will treasure those images for years to come. If you’re planning a wedding in London, I highly recommend considering Hackney Town Hall and The Ivy as your venues and some street snaps around London!

Pre-wedding questions about their story:

What made you choose these venues?

We always wanted a pub wedding, we love going to the pub! And we wanted today to really reflect who we are and wanted it to feel very relaxed and fun. When we found a pub that is also a registered venue and a hotel it was perfect. It can all happen in one place and make it very easy for our guests.

How and when did you meet?

We met online and our first date was at Tate Modern back on 18 Jan 2019.

What’s the story of your proposal?

Tom organized a dinner for us at the Ivy after our time off from work and proposed after dinner. However, I couldn’t hear him the first time because of the loud music so he had to ask again.

If you had three wishes to wish for our future, what would they be?

To stay healthy, to be able to see Linda’s family in Australia, to be able to travel freely around the world again

Tell me more about your favorite trip together and the plans for the next one:

We loved our first overseas trip together to Vancouver, we got to explore and enjoy a city we both have not been to. Our next trip will be campervanning around Iceland for our honeymoon

Describe your relationship in three words:

Caring, Loving, Honest.

Lovely suppliers:

Cake – Cutter & Squidge
Venue: Hackney Town Hall
Dress: Galina Signatura
Suit: Hugo Boss

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