From an early age, I used to photograph my friends, my family, and my activities, using these pictures to tell the story of my life. Some people had blogs, diaries or journals –  I had photography.  Travel, days out, parties, relationships, family – it was all eternalized through my lens. These pictures weren’t posed, they weren’t pre-conceived, they were real! A true reflection of my life. That idea, of being committed to the facts as they happened, is clearly seen in my photography style.

      Documentary photography, reportage photography – it has many names but to me, it’s about real-life – laughter, love, and memories.

      My approach is to leave everybody relaxed around me, not to interrupt moments but to ‘snap’ them as they happen. To live the excitement of that exact time and to not interfere, just to be as truthful as it can be.  My relaxed approach is essential for natural pictures that tell the story of your wedding day – capturing all the magic and all the memories.

      You won’t always see that I am there – you’re not meant to. But I am there, clicking away and discovering all the tiny details that make your day perfect. Ready to tell your story through the pictures I take.

       Have a look at my portfolio and get in contact. Let me tell your story with images that will make you smile, laugh and shed a tear for many years to come.

      wedding couple portrait Saint Pauls Cathedral, Carine Bea Photography

      Creative Wedding Portrait

      Your choice of wedding venue was probably the first thing you decided upon for your wedding day. Whether it was the stunning architecture, the beautiful landscape, the back-to-basics nature of the picturesque chapel for your vows something about your venue won your heart.

      Part of my job is to encapsulate your emotions, the momentous importance of the day and the magic of your venue in the pictures I take. The position, the light and the moment are all crucial for creating those images that will complete your wedding story. These are the timeless pictures that will go on your wall and be a forever a reminder of the day you were married. My aim is to take creative portraits that are unique and reflect the essence of you and your wedding but without interfering with the natural flow of the day.