Budapest Streets – Photography

Budapest streets, the Paris from East Europe

Life happens. No matter what you think. Time is passing, people are getting old, the history of the world is changing. So here is how I ended up enjoying a superb week in the Budapest streets doing what I love, street photography!

Matt, a friend I’ve met in the Snap Festival, invited me to pass a week in Budapest. Who would refuse such a unique invitation?

Quickly I found a couple to photograph there, just to find myself another excuse to hit the road. I wouldn’t let this trip to go blank, I promised myself in this new life, to go on as many travels I can and to make as many couples happy with eternalised moments as I am able to.

I was in Slovenia, for the weekend with a great friend of mine, precisely at the border of Italy in a city called “New Gorizia”. There I was wondering myself how would I get to Budapest… if by train or by bus, just to quickly get to Budapest. Only I wonder! There are no trains or buses that cross Slovenia and arrives in Hungary, only if I get the long way going through Austria which would cost me 10 hours of travelling! Creative be creative. I would have to use “Blablacar” an app of sharing cars on travelling. The ones that don’t know this service should go and check it. It really works for short journeys where there aren’t so many public transportation alternatives.

The car I got, would be shared by 5 people. Yes, 5 unknown people, sharing a car for 5 hours. It was so interesting! There were 2 couples (love, always getting on my way) and me. If anyone else knows a driver called Spartacus, just let me know because it must be my new friend.

Arriving in Budapest the first impression I got it is from a joyous city full of life and monumental! What a surprise!

With tips from friends, we discovered the city day by day, pub to pub. Hats of to Szimpla Kert pub, and to a very charming and romantic pub called Spinoza Cafe with an old sir (around his 70yo!) playing the piano magically! He just never got tired. We stood there all night in a romantic mood and his magic hands made this moment memorable!

Buda offers us all the beauty from Gelert Hill, with a breathtaking view capable to leave everyone wordless.

Besides all the touristic and unmissable points on both sides of the city (for the ones who don’t know, Budapest is divided by the Danubian river and has in one side the “Buda” part and on the other side the “Pest” part), do not miss one of the Thermal pools on the city, also take a good time to relax and simply enjoy life or to live the city enjoying one of the many night clubs as a local would do.

The whole city seems like a mix of the beauty of Paris with the energy of Berlin! I am amazed.
All the photos were done with my tiny little Fujifilm X100, my travel buddy, and some with mobile as well. This is just a preview of all the possibilities that the city gives us. We made so many tours and hit so many incredible places that this post would be enormous if I would tell every single detail. But, to make you crave even more, all those stories you heard from Budapest they are all true. And so much more. The high point to the couples that crossed my way, flawlessly … illustrating my landscape! And what a landscape!

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