A Joyful Back Garden Wedding in London

 Cassie & Nick

.All brides wear white? Not when you are a photographer at a back garden wedding! Cassie is a beautiful bright original bride that chose a vibrant colour for her special day in their own house.

Nick and Cassie are together for more than 8 years now. They met at work and live together in a nice house in the north of London, where they have a beautiful garden that was used for their ceremony and party! How cool is that?

As you can see they are not the typical couple. She loves gardening and he has his thing about old motorcycles! Apparently “Original” is their motto. Cassie is Australian and almost on the edge of her 50th birthday, she decided to take this leap and marry Nick in their house. Her dad, that is 83 years old (!) came all way from Oceania to be with her daughter. Cute!!

Astonishing Bride

She did her Making Of in West Lodge Park Hotel, Barnet near her house. Her dad was in the room next to hers and when he saw her he said ” I waited 50 years for this moment! You are beautiful!”  (yes, we can all cry now…). She chose a beautiful light pink with red details long dress for her big day and yes she was ASTONISHINGLY beautiful! Despite his old age, health condition and the tiredness of the travelling half of the world that was a moment he absolutely could not miss. We are all glad he could make it!

This couple knows how to kill a party!

Can´t wait to be a wedding photographer in Essex  (so I can tell more stories like this and like the one from the link here! ) again! It is always a great experience. Hope to find other amazing original couples like Nick and Cassie!

Sandals: Jimmy Choo

Dress: Harvey Nichols


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