8 Reasons why you should choose a winter wedding

8 Reasons why you should choose a winter wedding

There is no denying, a wedding at any time of the year is always going to be a wonderful affair. However, while summer is usually what many photographers would call the “peak” season, there is a real surge in couples considering a winter wedding. Why wouldn’t you? There are some excellent reasons why this could and should be an option for your upcoming wedding. Here’s what I think. 

1. You don’t have to worry about the weather

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One of the best things about a winter wedding is that you don’t need to worry about the bad weather. In the summer, you hope, if not expect for the sun. But in winter you plan and prepare for bad weather. In some cases, such as snow, it can really be effective. 

2. The benefit of “off-peak” prices

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A great perk of winter weddings is that you get the benefit of “off-peak” prices. Weddings are expensive affairs so it can be great to save some money when you can. You could use the savings to put towards other things, like entertainment. 

3. No January blues for you and your loved ones

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With Christmas and the new year, it can be very sad for some to enter into January and a lot can feel the January blues. However, a wedding in January or February can be a welcome thing to look forward to and can help people to feel less down about the winter months when all the festivities are over with. 

4. Be different and unique 

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Peak-season weddings are popular. There is no doubt about that. So why not try and be a little different and unique instead? A winter wedding could be the perfect option to consider and can help you to experience your wedding differently. 

5. The photography options are powerful and breathtaking

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The photography. The bit that gets me excited. The options for exquisite and dramatic photographs of your wedding are endless when it comes to winter weddings. The weather, and the moodiness of the lighting, can all add to the effect. Not to mention the addition of potential snow or props such as umbrellas for rainy pictures. 

6. The themes and options are more varied

Summer weddings are lovely, but when it comes to themes you are a little more restricted in what you can do. Winter gives you the option of choosing whatever colour you like and whatever theme. Anything can be considered. 

7. The food

Food is a big part of any wedding, and in the winter months, you really have that chance to make more of the wedding breakfast. Winter means colder weather, so a nice hearty meal such as a roast dinner or all of your favourite comfort foods could be added to the menu. Even buffet options can be a little more adventurous during the winter season. 

8. Embrace the darker evenings 

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Finally, of course, in winter you lose the light in the afternoon, but this should be embraced when it comes to your wedding. You can create such an ambience and mood with lighting. The atmosphere can be really serene. Twinkly lights, candles, and low lighting can just make the evening feel very romantic. 

Hopefully, this has inspired you to consider a winter wedding of your own. Here you can see a great winter wedding.

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