A Natural  Wedding Photography Style

Here you can see a brief sample of what to wait from me!

Strange faces, big laughs, disfiguring tears? All gets registered.
I know we must have some posed photos on the wedding day, but I do love to get the “B side” of the thing and go “wild” at the day, enhancing the most truthful part of it, the craziness and joyful of the day.

This is a small portfolio of my style on how I will photograph your wedding. Images that are favourites of mine but also a selection that I think reflects the uncontrived style of my wedding photography. My approach as an eyewitness with a camera, rather than an orchestrator of traditional setup moments. Recording the day, not imposing upon it. Following the natural flow of the day.

Get a brilliant weird photo of that unusual uncle everyone of us have dancing on the floor at the end of the party is basically what I aim for!

It is a bit alternative as many photographers goes classic on this, doing posed photos, clean table, sober guests. But life is SO MUCH MORE than it, right?

Well, what do you really want to remember of your wedding day?