Barbara and Adrian’s big family

A big family’s wedding photographer in Essex

A big wedding. And I’m not talking about a big glamorous wedding for 1500 guests. A big wedding involves 2 already big families that decided to step further and unite their stories. It is not Barbara’s first wedding, nor Adrian’s first time with kids. They already carry a beautiful baggage with them. She has 4 grown up kids and 2 grandkids and he has a teen at home. That is my story of today: I got the chance to be their wedding photographer in Essex.

A few could say that they are “too old to try” but love finds us not once in a lifetime… love finds ways to manifest every time our heart is ready to spread kindness and altruism. And it found Barbara and Adrian. And their kids and her grandkids. And all that they passed that brought them up to this moment.

We can see that their heart is ready to a new commitment by watching their guests, everyone there tell a bit of their story and that is beautiful! Barbara’s first husband with her new wife, her children, Francesca, Robert, Hannah and Drew, Adrian’s son, Oliver and, of course, the cute Freddie and Daisy.

It wasn’t the most beautiful day in Essex, but love overcomes it all. Always.  We were at the Stoke by Nayland Hotel (Colchester-Essex) and there was a lake, as it is also a golf club, that we used as a beautiful location. They are a funny couple, very intertwined. She is a true beauty and he has an amazing humour.

Freddie, her grandson, did his best to participate of the celebration every now and then, making it unique and unforgettable! Cute naughty boy 🙂

I’m sure Barbara and Adrian will find a long path together, as a big family writing a new chapter.

All the love for them!

Dress: Mori Lee

Flowers: Sara Scott

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