A Pembroke Lodge Wedding

Pembroke lodge wedding in January!

A love so warm that could melt the winter’s ice. First of all, that is the best definition I can say about this Pembroke lodge wedding! Mid-january, my first wedding of the year. A fantastic way to start 2017!

By now you already know that I’ve been partnering with Laura in a few jobs, right? I feel we have a way of working together that works! I’m always complimenting the experiences I share with her because I cannot be more fortunate: She is wonderful and super easy going and I feel comfortable to do what I like the most.

Francesca and Adam, bride and groom, known each other by 9 years so far. It was kindda first love that lasts forever, you know? Super cute! They’ve chosen Pembroke lodge to celebrate their big day, it is a charming venue at Richmond Park (quite close to me). For those who are not from here, Richmond Park is a beautiful — must go– place.

The result of their choice couldn’t be better! Seems like the cold weather inspired bride, her mom and bridesmaid to be even more fancy. They were wearing big beautiful fur stoles (which I think it brings an extra touch of charm to the event). Despite of being extremely cold outside (and we could feel it, doing their photoshoot, my hand was freezing), inside the venue we were blessed by the warmth of their love.

Therefore the party went until late!

Most noteworthy of the night: granny danced at the dance floor AND with a walker. She didn’t feel less for that and rocked all night long! Inspiration for all of us! Great music, great food, amazing wedding!

Francesca and Adam’s Pembroke lodge wedding was definitely one I’ll save forever. Thank you Laura for the opportunity and all the best to the bride and groom.

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