Relaxed Style of Photography


Have you ever wondered how newspapers, magazines, Facebook and any other media places would be without photography? Without these to document daily news? Would you rely on a news article without images?


Since a young age I used to photograph my friends and family and used photography to tell the story of my life. Some people used to have bloggers, journeys or things like that. I had photography.


Travels, coffees, parties, relationships, family, it is all eternalized through my lens.  That idea, of being committed to the facts as they happened, is clearly seen on my documentary style, to me this is so rewarding. Documentary photography is the style I choose to write your story!




My approach is to leave everybody relaxed around me, not to interrupt moments. To live the excitement of this exact time, the non-posed photos, trying not to interfere on the scene just to be as truthful as I can be. Getting all the magic of it! My relaxed approach is essential for natural pictures.


Sometimes you will not see what I am doing, but I’m there, clicking what I see and at the end the most beautiful and truthful part just comes to life. It feels like magic to me and my clients.


Have you ever wonder having a friend with a camera, lots of ideas and techniques on their mind photographing your wedding? This is exactly the thought that comes to mind when I am working. I want to be the friend who is going to tell your story.


Lots of information isn’t  it? I believe I was missing talking to you!


Couldn’t stop myself and wrote a long “love letter” but I get so excited about it that I can`t help myself!


Have a look on my portfolio and let’s start making that special day have images that will make us laugh and giggle for many years. Get in contact.